Wacky Wednesday and A Product Review

Ahhhhhhhhhhh :(((((((((     <—- that would be me pulling my hair out as I attempt to comprehend calculus! .. well at least I decided to take it as a summer course, so I can concentrate fully on this one class. —sighhhhhh. Today will be quite “wacky” with all the studying I have to accomplish for my first test tomorrow! Wish me luck! And a miracle at that.

Let’s move on to the product review!

First product is my favorite PB brand ever! Peanut Butter & Co. They make amazing flavors. I love White Chocolate Wonderful. Seriously tastes like a dream. I’d rather eat their peanut butter than ice cream! 🙂 That’s how good it is.

Double Feature Trail Mix from Whole Foods is to die for. It has mini peanut butter cups in there, sour cherries, almonds, and cashews. My family goes through a bag like its nothing! It’s very addictive.

The lentil chips by Simply 7 are the chip to have if you are going to have chips. They are very tasty! I also got these from Whole Foods. They have healthy ingredients, and a nice serving size portion–which is always a plus!

The Choco Crispy Crepes are perfect for a mini dessert. They are crunchy and chocolately and scrumptious. They are only 30 cals per bar! –Can’t beat it!

I am in love with these Perfect Fit protein cookies! They are high in protein and low in calories. They satisfy any type of sweet craving you may have going on, and they taste as good/better than a normal cookie! I’ve only tried chocolate chip and the white chocolate macadamia nut flavors so far. Next up will be the PB flavor. My little brother also loves these, and that is how you know they’re good since he is the PICKIEST eater in the entire world.

And the last picture is the beautiful sunrise ❤ Since I’ve been waking up at 445 am to visit the gym before my pre-calc class. .. some summer break huh!? Good thing I’m a morning person 😉 Hope you all have a blessed day!


Speaking Encouragement

It’s a tough world out there people. A lot of people are self-interested. We live in a selfish generation. We always seem to be seeking bigger and better. We’re always “plugged in”; whether its to our iPods, computers, cell phones, or televisions. It’s hard to hear your own thoughts and heart in such a loud and noisy world. It’s easy to get caught up in the latest gadgets and trends. Sometimes I just want to silence all the invasive “noise”.

It’s harder than ever to feel loved in our society. We are so impersonal. We communicate more and more though technology and less and less in person. And we all try to live up to impossible standards that bombard us from all directions. We don’t need to live up to these standards, just God’s standards, full of unconditional love.

I am calling for a plan of action. Ways to ease the burden of our demanding culture:

1. Grab your fam and decide on a day of “silence”. Turn off all electronics and enjoy each other’s company.

2. If you see someone struggling, whether its with grocery bags or dropping things, take action and help them. Your small, kind gesture could make their day, and in turn make someone else’s day better.

3. Smile more often. Smiling is contagious. Most likely if you smile at someone they will smile back. And it is said that smiling sets of some chain in the brain that makes you happier.  It’s proven that people who smile more feel happier, less anxious, and more attractive.

4.  Hug someone. Scientists have discovered that people who hug have lower blood pressure, increased nerve activity, and an upbeat mood. A brief hug can even reduce stress!

5. Speak words of encouragement. When things aren’t going your way, don’t continue to talk yourself down to the dumps. Instead try to focus on the positive. Speak out loud positive words. When you speak something out loud it is more likely to come true!

6. Be content where you are. If you can find happiness and be content exactly where you are right now, then nothing can touch you or bring you down.

7. Appreciate the little things. Take a second to “stop and smell the roses” so to speak. Take pleasure in warm sunshine grazing your skin, breathe in the fresh air around you, marvel at the stars in the night sky. Be thankful! Thank God you are alive and living and thriving!

8. Live in the moment. Live in the present. Don’t dwell on the past or the future. Instead, focus on what you are doing right now, at this very moment, and ask yourself, “am I enjoying myself right now?, is there something I’d rather be doing?” Go, get up, and do something right now that you truly enjoy.

Well, there you have it folks, 8 tips to get more out of your life! If you have any to add, please feel free to comment and add some input. I’d love to hear from you! Have a blessed day. God loves you. God is good!

Chocolate protein muffins!

I wanted chocolate. I wanted sugar. So, I did what any healthy foodie does when a craving strikes, made a healthy version 🙂

The whole time I was making them, I was worried they wouldn’t turn out right– or would taste really bad, but they actually turned out pretty good!

– 1 tablespoon dark chocolate unsweetened powder
– 6 tablespoons eggbeaters or egg whites (2 egg whites)
– 2 tablespoons cottage cheese
– 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
– truvia or stevia or whatever to taste
– vanilla extract it Torani syrup
– a little bit of baking powder

-mix it all up , throw into 4
Muffin tins (line them or spray with oil to prevent sticking)
– put in oven at about 350 degrees for around 10 to 12 mins!

They’re not half bad, have 186 cals for all 4 muffins, and get you about 26 grams of protein ! Yummmm !



Sweaty Mess

Yesterday I was indeed a sweaty mess. I strayed from the workout plan I am on, and I decided to do my own thing for ab/cardio day! If you want to be a sweaty mess, then this is the workout for you!

  • 2 mile warmup intervals of sprints (stair-master and treadmill -1 mile on each)
  • Ab decline bench crunches 3 sets of 20
  • Ab decline bench crunches superset with reverse leg raises (10 of each for five sets)
  • Interval sprints on treadmill (half mile)
  • Leg raises (3 sets of 12 weighted with 10 pounds)
  • Hanging oblique crunches (2 sets of 12)
  • Interval sprints on treadmill (half mile)
  • oblique twisting machine –lol sorry I don’t recall the proper name of it. (3 sets each side of 12)
  • weighted crunches on machine 9 sets of 20
  • Interval sprints on treadmill (half mile)
  • circuit ab training on mat .. includes froggys, leg raises, six inches, crunches, planks, and whatever else you can possibly push out at this point in time!
  • interval sprints cool down (half mile)


Talk about an INSANE workout. Give it a try, if you dare ! 😉 —I’m so unbelievably corny!

Sad thing was, I’m not even sore… Does anyone else have problems getting sore abs?! I use to get sore, but not anymore. Suggestions?

Officially Dead

This morning I meandered into the gym to tackle my usual morning workout. This includes: 

  • a 2 mile warm-up
  •  a lifting session  (Today was Leg Day!–See bottom of post for full workout.),
  • and a 2 mile cool down.

However, half way through my lifting, one of the trainers at the gym approached me and reminded me about our session later in the day. He had come up to me the day before, noticing how hard I push myself in the gym, and suggested I try out a free training session. Free?! Sign me up!

So, I finished my leg workout, but only did a half mile cool down. I ran home, ate a bowl of oatmeal and a protein shake, and headed back to the gym. —BAD DECISION. [By bad I mean good 😉 ] I thought, “Oh, this will be so easy. He doesn’t even use equipment. The girls he trains just hop around a little bit.Boy oh boy was I mistaken!

It was a full body circuit, and my chest and shoulders and biceps were already sore from previous workouts during the week. The workout combined high intensity interval training and weights–a deadly combo! For a half hour I constantly moved from ladders, pull-ups, push ups, burpees, hell raisers, squats, lateral jumps, weighted burpees, dips, to core workouts. —just to name a few 😉  What a workout! All of my muscles were definitely burning. The trainer said I was in great shape, but I didn’t feel like I was in shape at all during that workout. It was a challenge, which I love. No pain, no gain!

Have any of you ever trained with a trainer at the gym? Incorporated HIIT into your weight lifting routine? Attempted two intense workouts in one day?!

Week 1 – Quads, Hamstrings and Calves Workout
Exercise Sets Rep Goal
Squat 4 5-7
Front Squat 4 5-7
Leg Press 4 5-7
Exercise Sets Rep Goal
Stiff Leg Deadlift 4 5-7
Wide Stride Bulgarian Split Squat 4 5-7
Exercise Sets Rep Goal
Standing Calf Raise 4 20
Seated Calf Raise 4 20

Sweaty Girl Swag !?

Chocolate Marshmallow Dreams

Another delicious protein shake was made today ! Recipe follows:

– 1 scoop protein
– spoonful of glutamine (optional)
– teaspoon of cinnamon

-about 1/4 of a banana — or more if you like a thicker shake!

– half cup almond milk
– truvia or splenda or stevia (whatever amount you prefer)
– vanilla Torani syrup or vanilla extract
– 1/2 chocolate marshmallow packet (its suppose to be mixed into frosting for a “create your own frosting” thing, but I just bought a packet to mix into shakes ! There are many flavors. You can find in baking isle of supermarket by frostings.)
– about a cup and a half of ice
– a pinch of xanthan for thickening
**throw it all in the blender and blend baby blend ! I have a ninja blender and I’m in love with it ❤ spending a few extra bucks on a good blender is totally worth it 🙂

Enjoy !


Btw check out those grades 😉 — skills !


Protein shake lovin’

after my workout this morning I needed my protein! However, I was sick of my same old boring shake. I found this awesome “cake batter” protein shake on dashingdish.com ! –it’s a really awesome site for great recipes ! My shake came out fantastic ! So yummy.. Take a look for yourself …