Tooth extraction

Yay! Finally got my tooth out! That darn wisdom tooth was giving me so many problems. It didn’t even hurt. The doc numbed me, and yanked it right out. Unfortunately my mouth is still bleeding, I have to eat mush to prevent the clot from coming out, and I’m not allowed to workout. I also cannot drink through a straw or brush my teeth. Yikes ! So many rules. Oh well, I’ll deal. The pains not too bad, but I did take two Motrin before the numbing wore off, so we’ll see how I feel later. Right
Now my jaw is just a little sore. I have a high pain tolerance, so I should be good! 🙂 check out this chipmunk look, so attractive!


So far I’ve managed to deal with eating mush. The blenders my new best friend ❤

Check out my adorable Maltese pup!



It’s so darn hot out today, I definitely burnt my feet on the pavement: yesterday was so pleasant. I laid out and caught a few rays–safely of course. Sunscreen and sunglasses are a must! My momma treats cancer patients. Melanoma is constantly on the rise. Practice safe sun people! You’ll thank your younger self later when you’re not a wrinkly prune!



Offensive Comments

Hello all! Long time no talk! Here’s an update on my life:

I’ve returned from Disney World. My dentist put me on an antibiotic for the tooth that was coming in, and I feel so much better now. However, tomorrow he will be pulling the tooth! 😦 I’ve never had a tooth pulled before; I’ve never had a cavity, and I’ve never even had my mouth numbed before! This should be quite interesting.

Disney was nice for the first few days, but then it started to pour. I went with my friend and her mom and little sister. Hurricane Debbie ruined all the Florida sunshine and fun! It down poured about four out of the six days we were there. We just threw on some ponchos and braved the storm. It wasn’t my favorite vacation, but it was bearable.

In Disney I managed to workout. The Beach Club resort has a nice gym. I did not do much cardio because I knew we would be walking around a lot. My workouts were mostly a 1 mile warmup, lifting, and a 1 mile cool down. I barely broke a sweat, but I was happy to be in the gym. I woke up early and went before my friends family woke up, which was no problem because they liked to sleep in until 8:30, 9ish.

While my friend and her family are very nice people, they had “difficulties” understanding my lifestyle. For example, when we went out to the italian restaurant I chose salmon over the pasta. The next day my friends mom informed me that I did not eat? The conversation went something like this:

“We are going to go to a buffet tonight, Chef Mickeys!” -Friend’s Mom

“Oh! Awesome. That sounds good!” – Me

“Yeah, but you don’t eat.” -Friend’s Mom

“Uhh, excuse me?” -Me , as I am snacking away on a protein bar.

“You don’t eat.” -Friend’s Mom.

“What? I’m eating right now?” -Me.

“Oh, Sam said you don’t eat.” -Friend’s Mom (Not going to use my friend’s real name; let’s just call her Sam.)

“No, she eats, I said she eats healthy.” -Sam chimes in.

“Oh.” -Friend’s Mom.

TALK ABOUT AWKWARD. I guess, to them, my healthy eating was considered “not eating“. I guess some people are ignorant to how to go about leading a healthy lifestyle. I was slightly offended at first, but in all honesty I just felt bad for them. I wish more people were educated on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. And I decided that if they were going to judge me for being me, then so be it! I didn’t let their comments bring me down. I am a strong person 🙂 No negativity can get in my way!

Has anyone ever made comments about your healthy lifestyle choices?!?





Wow. The past few days have been unbelievably stressful. I could use some valuable opinions from you all!

What’s been up?

Well, for starters, right now I’m about to leave to go to the dentist. My wisdom tooth decided to come through my gum and cause awful pain. It sure did pick the perfect time to show up, as I am leaving for Disney on Wednesday! Have any of you ever had your wisdom teeth pulled? How long did it take to recover? Should I get it pulled before vacation or afterwards?! Will it get infected if I wait? because I know food can get stuck around the tooth in the gum flap.

Secondly, I have a pre-calc test that I have to take 3 days early tomorrow! I have to learn an entire chapter on my own. I have to take it early because the class doesn’t end until Thursday, and I leave for vacation on Wednesday! Kill me now.  Stress on stress on stress.

Thirdly, I am slightly worried about this vacation. This may sound ridiculous, but I work extremely hard in the gym and Disney probably is not the best place for eating healthy and working out. I am going with my friend and her family. There is a gym where we are staying. I will probably wake up and lift at 5 am while they are still sleeping. I wont do cardio because the parks will be enough of that with all the walking. Hope her family doesn’t judge me! 😦 They’ll probably think I’m nuts, most people who don’t understand fitness do! But who cares right?!

Any suggestions for eating healthy in Disney or on vacation in general? Any suggestions with keeping up with fitness in Disney? (I’m referring to Disney World BTW.) 


Thanks all ❤ Pray for me! 

Polar Heart Rate Monitor

I woke up excited to workout this morning. —well more excited than usual anyway. I made a purchase over the weekend that I was dying to try out from the moment I purchased it. I purchased a polar heart rate monitor. I’m pretty sure I bought the FT4 model. Little did I know, it also came with a chest strap. I had never heard of the chest strap part of the heart rate monitors before, but the sales associate at Dick’s Sporting Goods informed me that chest straps allowed the monitor to be more accurate?

So, I strapped up this morning and went to work in the gym. I did my usual warm up/cool down of 2 mile sessions on the stair-master, making a total of four miles. The first two miles went by slow. I usually like to do faster intervals –basically running up the steps and yes people stare at me like I’m insane when I do this, and thats because I am insane. (Train insane or remain the same 😉 ) However, today I could not do my intervals in my warm up session because I ran into gym acquaintances who wanted to talk on the stair-masters surrounding mine. I willingly obliged, not wanting to be rude, plus talking makes the workout go by much faster sometimes.

I was shocked/appalled to see my heart rate did not go over 145 beats per minute during this session. The monitor also displayed my calories. It claimed I burned about 100 calories in the session of two miles. The machine boasted that I burned almost double that number.

As I continued my workout, moving onto the weights part of my session, I noticed my heart rate did not exceed about 112 beat per minute at the most. It also dropped down to about 90 at times. This was disappointing to me, but I suppose its expected with anaerobic exercise. I continued to burn calories during this session also.

This is the new workout regime I’m on: (I am attempting to gain weight, muscle wise that is.)

Finally, I finished my workout with another brutal round of the stair-master. I was able to do my HIIT ! This is where I saw the highest spike in my heart rate and the most calories burned. My heart rate almost reached my max of 170. It hit about 168 at the most. I was hauling butt on that machine!

All toll I burned a total of 467 calories according to the polar heart monitor, and the total duration of my workout was 2 hours. <— What?!!? I need to do less talking and more working out. My workout should only take an hour to an hour and a half max. *Sigh* the troubles of being popular at the gym :p

Does anyone else own a heart rate monitor? Do they all have chest straps? –It was kind of annoying! How accurate do you think they are?

The Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle!

I FINALLY understand calculus!–Okay, well at least one section of the massive text book anyway. Miracles do happen! They past few days, I have been studying my little booty off. Everyday I’ve spent at least two hours tucked away in the corner of my local coffee shop with my laptop, notebook, and of course an iced Americano with a few pumps of sugar free syrup. (I tried the peanut butter flavor today, SO GOOD! Who would have thought right?!) Anyway, I am more than ecstatic that I finally kinda got the grasp of this calculus stuff. Hopefully I do better than an 83 on the next test 😦 !

^^^Alright, I’m finished with that little tangent I ran off on…

I thought I’d enlighten you all with the keys to a healthy lifestyle! The basic theme of these keys are K.I.S.S.–which means, keep it simple stupid! There is so much information out there, so many different techniques, but if our ancestors could be healthy with out all this science mumbo-jumbo, we can certainly figure it out too!

1. Water, water and more water! Our body’s are composed of up to 60% of water, and our brains are composed of almost 70% of water. Water = life. So grab your bottle and hydrate! It is much too easy to succumb to dehydration. They say that by the time your thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. I do not believe in the eight cups per day rule, I drink much more than that. I probably drink 8 to 12 16.9 FL water bottles per day! —yes, yes I do use the bathroom a lot. (It’s only an issue in calc class…teach gives me dirty looks when I run in and out of the 2 and a half hour class .. sorry not sorry!?)

2. Do not starve yourself! Allowing yourself to skip meals in order to lose weight is ultimately counterproductive. Not only will you be a grouchy, miserable mess, but you will most likely overeat at your next meal. You will cause our metabolism to go out of whack, and slow down. Your body will eventually take to consuming your muscles for fuel, not fat. You will cause your body to need less calories because you will go into starvation mode, and this will eventually cause you to stop losing any weight. When you go into starvation mode and are malnourished your hair will start to fall out, stress fractures will come about more easily, and  your thyroid can also stop working properly!

3. Eat regularly! Eating every 2 to 3 hours will keep your metabolism up and running. It will also keep you happy and healthy :). When you eat regularly, your body knows more calories are going to be consumed. So, instead of storing those calories of fat, it burns them as fuel. This will also allow you to stabilize your blood sugar and energy, and it will prevent you from overeating. I eat at regular intervals throughout the day.

My day essentially looks like this:

630: Hardboiled egg, oatmeal with one tablespoon of pb, coffee, and maybe a pumpkin protein bar.

930: Either chobani yogurt with apple slices or a protein shake

12:30: Giant salad, lots of veggies, some type of lean protein, and a rice cake/almonds.

3:30: Usually a protein bar with an iced coffee —yes I do realize I drink too much coffee!

5:30-6: Giant salad, veggies, some type of lean protein

7: pb on a low carb wrap

9: Either another chobani or protein shake –sometimes some protein cereal by Kay’s Naturals or Arctic Zone Ice cream!

4. Workout for at least 30 minutes per day! This is an obvious key to health for obvious reasons. Working out releases endorphins and makes you happy. It speeds up your metabolism. It gets your heart pumping. It relieves stress. It causes you to focus better on tasks afterwards. Working out has been proven to be just as effective as depression meds! Get up and get moving! Make it part of your daily routine. If you can brush your teeth everyday, you can workout. How bad do you want it? I wake up at 5 am before my calc class! Why!?!? Because I feel better and more alert in class; I focus better and feel better about the rest of my day in general. If you want it bad enough, you will find a way to fit it into your day.

5. Practice positive thinking. Negative thoughts will only drag you down. The brain is a very powerful thing. That’s why some people can think themselves into depression, anxiety, panic–and some people can be hypnotized to quit smoking or lose weight. It is all about your mindset. Mind over matter. If you think positive about exercising and health, and you associate psotive things with exercise and healthy eating–you will be more likely to succeed!

And that last picture is just because its cute! 😉

Well, thats all for now! Hope you can all go out and conquer your day today. Be proactive, and make positive changes in your lives. It’s your life. You are in control. You can control your health and lifestyle. Start small and keep it simple stupid! You are a child of the most high God, and he will endeavor to help you conquer your goals and dreams if you only ask!

Love you all! God loves you all. Have a blessed day! 🙂


Exercise makes you smarter?

So, I totally think my dad has OCD. It’s not exactly a bad thing because his OCD is cleaning. He will take a bottle of cleaner and a rag and go crazy around the kitchen–wiping every single surface. I would totally be fine with it, if he didn’t spray cleaners so close to our fruit basket and what not. It just grosses me out. I’ve tried to talk to him about it, but he’s stubborn in his ways and just gets mad at me! Luckily, I bought “method” cleaner the other day. He can spray that around the kitchen, and I feel a little better. But JEEZE he can be so annoying! Does anyone else have a family member that has an annoying habit?! What do you do about it?

Continuing on with my rant…

I wake up super early lately (I’m talkin’ like 4:30 am early!) to go to the gym before my pre-calc. class. I know–I am insane. The gym is actually pretty crowded at 5 am! I’ve tried going to the gym after class, but it’s just not the same. I feel so much more alert and awake in class after my morning gym routine. –got the blood pumping to the brain 😉 I sincerely feel more intelligent since I’ve been working out consistently for a year now. Does anyone else notice this difference? I do not know if it is because I’ve become more disciplined with myself, older, or if working out really does just make you smarter?! Does anyone else feel this way!?

Turns out Forbes agrees with me!  Check out this link! >>> Six ways exercise makes you smarter

That’s all for now. I have to run to class! Have a blessed day !