Progress Photos!

It will be a year on July 30th since I started lifting and working out correctly!

The photos on the left are from July 30th 2011, and the photos on the right are from July 17th, 2012.

Just goes to show you, hard work may take time, effort, and sacrifice, but it always pays off! So keep at it everyone!



Staying fit on vacation

I love relaxing in the beach as much as anyone, but I’ve leaned it’s not easy to follow a healthy lifestyle while away. I was recently in Disney with my friends family, and it was difficult to stay on track with eating healthy. This past week I was at the beach with my own family, and once again it was a struggle to eat healthy. However, I was able to find a gym on both vacations and make special requests when out to eat. I actually found I had my best workouts this past week while at the beach. I found this really cool gym that seemed to inspire me to work harder and longer than ever before. There were bodybuilder pictures signed to the gym by 100s of bodybuilders ! The gym really had character and was full of people working hard. Mostly huge men! I was one of 3 girls normally. Check out this pic

Pretty epic gym, if I may say so myself. I also found my heart rate getting up higher than ever! Was it all the sunshine and vitamin D?! Or was it the atmosphere of the gym?! I have no idea why..

It’s also hard to remain healthy in my age group.. 20’s ! Why? Because everyone just wants to get drunk and party, and I look like an outcast. But I could care less! I want to treat my body right. Which is why you will find a protein shake in my solo cup 😉

I also chose to sip this delicious green tea by STeaz on the beach instead of a corona !

So three tips!
1. Be annoying at restaurants. Don’t be afraid to ask to swap things out and ask for dressing on the side. Very rarely will waitresses care, and if they do act weird tell them you have an allergy. You can customize almost anything. It’s your money and you’re paying for it!

2. Don’t care what others think of you. It’s your choice to treat your body right. Don’t succumb to peer pressure or be a people pleaser. You have to do what makes you happy. You can find a gym almost anywhere, and if not there’s always the great outdoors to go running or do circuits ! Be creative !

3. Don’t beat yourself up!!!! Have fun, have a cheat meal, enjoy life. I hate to use he YOLO term but when used in the right context it’s true. Seize the day! I did indulge in a little bit of homemade no sugar added moose tracks and it was delicious !

I also had some fun in the sun!

So, relax and enjoy your vacation! A break away from the same routine is healthy for your mind, body, and soul !


And these are my adorable parents ! … Family times precious! Make it count !


just workin on my fitness ;)

“I be up in the gym just workin on my fitness; he’s my witness.” haha just about everyone I say I’m going to the gym this line pops into my head.

Anyway ! Still working hard on the HIML workout plan from It is a very challenging program, and I love it! It’s constantly changing up the exercises, reps, and weights! Change causes growth 🙂

But lately, I’ve been LOVING circuit cardio workouts. They’re quick and powerful. They really work up a sweat, and I feel so good and powerful afterwards. One of the trainers in the gym had some free time and decided to put me through an intense circuit. He snapped some picks. Check em out!



Picture day

Happy fourth everyone ! Here’s my life in pics over the past few days…

Cute froyo cup


Mush I’ve been eating from the blender . Looks gross, but tastes good! Spinach, veggies, and salmon with some salsa!

My future husband ❤ he makes me miss swimming! I swam for about 12 years!


Brother being hilarious ..


And I made a chocolate protein cake! Recipe to come soon!


And a shrimp pasta salad! Yum! Recipe to come soon!


Yay hope you all have a fab fourth of July ! Love you all ❤